Concrete Demolition and Sawing for Commercial and Industrial Industries

Wire sawing is commonly used for cuts in restricted or remote areas, cuts that require minimal vibration, anchor door openings, cuts that are beyond the reach of conventional tools, and even underwater cutting. Wire saws are diamond-laced cables that are pushed or pulled via pulleys through the target material while being cooled down by a continuous water supply. Using this method, almost no structure is too large for us to cut, and we are only limited by the lifting and removal capacity of equipment on the job. Our fully portable equipment can be operated in any environment.

We are able to wire saw at any diameter. Cutting around concrete pipes, oversized columns, bridge sections, piers and other thick concrete is no issue. We have experience wire sawing above and underwater at any angle. Call us today to find out how we can design a wire saw approach for your difficult cutting scope.

Engineered Solutions for Any Situation and the Most Complex Projects on the East Coast

Throughout most of the East coast of the United States, Concrete Technology Services Mid-Atlantic is an industry leader in the concrete demolition industry. With this comes decades of experience that has led our team to take on some of the most complex projects in our region. CTS excels in the following concrete cutting services:

Our service area covers multiple states. We are headquartered in Glenn Dale, Maryland. This office provides concrete cutting and coring in Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. Our branch office in Raleigh, North Carolina provides concrete cutting, coring and structural demolition throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Northern Florida and Southern Virginia.

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