What To Know When Hiring A Concrete Cutting/Demolition Company

The contractor you hire should be specifically skilled in various methods of concrete cutting and demolition. Qualified contractors usually provide a well-rounded group of services that include wall sawing, wire sawing, flat sawing, core drilling and structural demolition with heavy equipment or robotics. Well versed concrete demolition contractors will have a skill set and equipment that allows them to be the qualified choice for commercial, industrial or even sometimes residential concrete demolition.

When hiring a concrete cutting/demolition company there are a few factors to weigh before making the final decision, especially in the commercial sector:

  1. Determine whether or not the contractor specializes in the scope of your project.
  2. Does the project have unique challenges? Review the contractor’s qualifications.
  3. What scale of manpower and equipment is required for your project?

Residential, Commercial or Industrial

Depending on the sector the project relates to, there are some deciding factors that may be important to evaluate. On some construction or renovation projects, you may be able to perform the concrete demolition in house. Basic chipping and removal of concrete can be done by most trades or the labor you have on hand. Remember, when dealing with concrete there may be underground utilities, ALWAYS consult a GPR/X-Ray Imaging company to locate underground plumbing and conduits. We recommend Concrete Imaging Inc. Serving Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and West Virginia.

We specialize in the commercial and industrial sectors. On these projects, it is always best to consult a concrete cutting/demolition specialist. Projects include concrete bridge demolition, asphalt restoration, trenching for new plumbing, large scale concrete demolition at airports and wastewater treatment plants – all of which require an extreme skill set and knowledge of various types of cutting. Each job also comes with a degree of risk that must be accounted for and mitigated. When deciding if a concrete cutting contractor is qualified for your type of project, it’s good practice to ask about their previously completed projects, safety plan and qualifications to determine if they are the best fit for your job. 

Unique Challenges in Concrete Demolition

Various reasons for concrete demolition include widespread cracks due to settlement, improper preparation of sub grade, weight of heavy trucks over time, erosion, structural renovations, improvements and repairs. If a contractor is not experienced in combating common challenges, they can create unnecessary liabilities on your project. One major difference between CTS and a less specialized concrete cutting contractor would be our highly trained personnel and fleet of equipment. We take pride on being able to engineer solutions on a wide range of commercial and industrial project types.

The concrete cutting industry has a prestigious association of contractors. It is known as the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association or CSDA of which Concrete Technology Services, Mid Atlantic is a certified member. If you see the CSDA badge on a contractor’s website, you can be assured they have been prescreened for professionalism. Hiring a company that is certified will “eliminate the risks associated with hiring a sawing and drilling contractor who may otherwise be seen as another unknown subcontractor,” from the CSDA website. 

The Men and Women Behind the Saws and Breakers

We have an extensive fleet of wall saws, wire saws, track saws, core drills and earth moving equipment. We even have remote controlled demolition equipment that can appear as if they practically run themselves. However, there is always an operator behind the remote, blade and breaker with a particular set of skills and experience that allows them to complete each project as efficiently and safely as possible. 

When finding subcontractors for your concrete demolition job, keep in mind a few things: the project schedule, the level of risk involved and the time you will need to dedicate as a project manager/general contractor/owner. If the project is on a time crunch and needs to be completed swiftly, be sure that your concrete cutting/demolition contractor has an adequate amount of manpower ready to dedicate. Safety is always top priority, but the level of risk may be increased when dealing with government or other high profile projects where there will be many eyes on the job. How involved do you want to be? Sometimes, you may decide to hire the contractor that is most affordable instead of the most qualified. This could lead to poor attention to detail, slower production rates or being charged for change orders that the bidder did not account for. Avoid this stress by thoroughly reviewing the proposed scope, check out each contractor online, look at their job photos, look at online reviews and be sure to feel comfortable with whoever you hire.

Our Service Areas

Concrete Technology Services, Mid-Atlantic Inc serves most of the East Coast United States including Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. We also travel to further states upon request. We have been in business for 30 years, have an extensive fleet of concrete sawing/breaking equipment and have a high customer satisfaction rating. Not only do we provide concrete cutting, but we are also highly skilled in structural demolition. This allows us to demolish walls, roof systems, foundations, footers, etc using methods that ensure the safety of our crews and maximum production efficiency.