Concrete Cutting and Sawing for Commercial and Industrial Industries

Wall sawing utilizes a diamond blade on a portable, track-mounted system that can be used for both horizontal and vertical cuts. The wall saw technique is fast and convenient, allowing our customers to save money and valuable time. Our saws can cut concrete at a depth of 30″ using this method, or 60″ if both sides are accessible. Our fleet includes hydraulic and electric saws, and we are equipped to work in any environment. We attach the track to any wall and it will cut smooth, level openings that are great for new windows and doors. We also use this method on concrete foundations to lower the elevations or for the removal of walls. This technique produces no dust, is quiet and requires a highly skilled technician. 

Engineered Solutions for Any Situation and the Most Complex Projects on the East Coast

Throughout most of the East coast of the United States, Concrete Technology Services Mid-Atlantic is an industry leader in the concrete demolition industry. With this comes decades of experience that has led our team to take on some of the most complex projects in our region. CTS excels in the following concrete cutting services:

Our service area covers multiple states. We are headquartered in Glenn Dale, Maryland. This office provides concrete cutting and coring in Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. Our branch office in Raleigh, North Carolina provides concrete cutting, coring and structural demolition throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Northern Florida and Southern Virginia.

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