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Highway construction project

North Carolina Highways In Need Of Improvements

Who builds the roads?

Infrastructure improvement projects are well underway in North Carolina. Multiple beltways extensions, connectors, bridges and road widening projects are happening now or in the planning stages. The North Carolina Transportation Authority maintains an impressive list of current and future high profile highway improvement projects on their website:

Improving our roadways result in several benefits for citizens and the general economy of the state. More efficient highways lead to less congestion, less wear on drivers’ vehicles resulting in lower maintenance costs, less unnecessary traffic on local roads and increased opportunity for the area to attract new businesses and customers.

Concrete cutting is one of the main contracting components of all types of infrastructure projects in North Carolina. Several common methods of concrete cutting can be found on most highway jobs.

Highway construction project

Flat sawing roadways

Slab sawing or “flat” sawing is most used to cut sections of flat asphalt or concrete surfaces found on every road in America. The area to be removed is cut first to provide a clean termination. After the old asphalt and/or concrete is removed, necessary changes to the compacted material below can be made before installing new surfacing material.

CTS men working hard to stay on time and under budget

Wire sawing for difficult cuts

Wire sawing is most often used to make flush cuts from a structural component to be removed. Wire saws are usually utilized in highway improvement projects when a beam or column sections of a bridge need to be removed. Wire saws cut with a wire rope that is made of diamond cutting segments. The rope can cut flush at almost any orientation against most surfaces.

Bridge beam sections removed after wire saw cuts by CTS

Track sawing concrete walls

Track saws feature lengths of “track” that can be mounted on almost any horizontal or vertical concrete feature. Track saws are often used to provide a clean cut of vertical or horizontal wall sections that would otherwise be impossible to complete correctly with a hand saw. Track sawing is particularly capable when a retaining wall needs to be shortened or cut off at one end to make way for new grading and construction

Concrete Cutting Contractor Maryland

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