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Arlington Memorial Bridge Demolition

Infrastructure Bill Boosts Government Construction Spending

Government Construction Projects

In July 2021, the Senate approved the aggressive Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to rebuild America’s failing infrastructure — an infrastructure that is in rough shape, scoring a C- this year, according to the 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure.

There is a water main break every two minutes in the country, and 43% of the country’s roads are in poor or mediocre condition. Currently, 46,154 bridges across the nation are considered to be structurally deficient. These bridges are crossed 178 million times each day.

The United States government is responsible for a large number of construction ventures from one coast to the other. In addition, projects are commissioned by numerous state and local governments that are tasked with infrastructure maintenance, improvement, construction, and demolition.

The U.S. Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) is in charge of awarding contracts to the best concrete cutting companies for projects in order to complete every job quickly, safely, and effectively.

civil concrete bridge demolition by CTS

The Role of Concrete Cutting in Infrastructure

Concrete is a material that can stand for decades with minimal maintenance. It’s also a material in the unique position to meet the challenges that sustainable developments present. It can improve the energy performance of buildings and improve their environmental footprint, as well.

Thanks to the extreme durability of concrete, full demolition isn’t often required. Because of this, concrete cutting has an essential role in infrastructure projects of all kinds and is depended upon for thousands of types of projects that include:

  • Bridge construction, demolition, and rehabilitation
  • Highway construction and road repair
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Heavy construction
  • Building construction and demolition
  • Concrete demolition

When full demolition isn’t needed, damaged concrete sections can be cut, removed, and replaced. The work of concrete cutting professionals keeps much of the country’s infrastructure functioning. With the new infrastructure bill recently passed, concrete cutting will play a bigger role than ever.

Bridge beam sections removed after wire saw cuts by CTS

Bridge Construction, Demolition, and Rehabilitation

Building a bridge is a complex process; therefore, bridge demolition is also complex. There are often several types of concrete cutting needed for a single bridge sawing job.

Different techniques are often required to build or remove abutments, decks, and piers. It’s critical for concrete cutting professionals to have a rich background in various areas of concrete cutting.

In addition, many bridge foundations use piles and deep foundations that need to be pulled up or cut below the surface. Concrete beams also require special considerations. Since no traffic can use bridges during construction or demolition, contractors must keep schedules tight to minimize traffic interruptions.

Wire Sawing in Maryland

Highway, Road Repair and Construction

Roadway hazards take many forms, and concrete cutting improves the safety of highways, roads, freeways, sidewalks, and paved pathways. Concrete cutting not only removes road hazards but also removes construction dangers, facilitates the removal of road imperfections, and speeds up construction or demolition.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Whether it’s drilling 30 feet below ground to core a manway access hole, sawing a 12-foot-diameter concrete pipe in half without cutting the liner pipe, or constructing a new reinforced concrete chamber or tank, concrete cutting is vital to the construction and upkeep of wastewater treatment plants.

Wastewater treatment facilities have used reinforced concrete for tanks for many years. This use includes elevated tanks, ground tanks, and underground tanks. Any time a tank needs repair, construction, or demolition, concrete cutting experts are called in.

Heavy Construction

Heavy construction refers to any construction that is not relevant to a building or structure.

Professionals in the industry who are on heavy construction projects will guide saws and drills for thousands of different types of tasks, from railroads and flood control dams to pipeline construction and drilling tap holes and bottom taps for furnaces in steel mills.

Concrete cutting pros use saw cuts to create control joints for construction projects, which controls where cracking happens as a result of shrinkage.

Depending on the project, concrete cutting can be done with push saws, wire saws, track saws, crack prevention saws, early entry saws, rail saws, slab saws, drills, diamond blade saws, and many other types of tools.

Building Construction And Demolition

Whether a project calls for concrete core drilling for anchor bolts, wall sawing, core drilling, flat sawing, plunge cutting, hand sawing, or any other number of concrete cutting tasks, it has to be done with no mistakes on time and within budget. 

Some common applications for concrete cutting in building projects include removing large sections of flooring or walls, cutting trenches to run water, electrical or data lines, cutting barrier walls for easier removal of basement floors, or any other number of tasks.

The Future Of Concrete Cutting In Government Infrastructure Projects

Public and government infrastructure accounts for 60% of all concrete and cement demand across the globe. In addition, it’s been said that a majority of the infrastructure that will exist in 2050 has yet to be built.

This growth means that the need for concrete cutting in government infrastructure projects will be more crucial than ever before. Since the new infrastructure bill has been passed, we will see an increase in the need for concrete cutting across all applications.

These applications include plumbing, bridgework, landscaping, utility installation, geological surveys, roadway rehabilitation, and hundreds of other projects that will begin and finish over the next several decades.

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