Concrete Sawing for Commercial and Industrial Industries

Flat sawing is the most commonly used diamond-cutting method. Also called slab saws, flat saws use a blade that is mounted vertically on a saw that the operator usually walks behind. Slab sawing can eliminate the vibration and dust that comes with breaking up concrete and allow for clean pieces to be cut instead of the irregular-shaped pieces created by a breaker. This technique of concrete cutting is commonly used on precast concrete, slab on grade, sidewalks and roads, elevator openings and roof openings.

Our equipment can flat saw concrete or asphalt up to 24″ thick, even if it is heavily reinforced. If deeper cutting is required we may opt for wire sawing to achieve the necessary depth. We have saws powered by diesel, electric or hydraulics to perform work in any environment. Our crews will cut concrete penetration in floors so you can repair underground pipes or install new plumbing. This is a fast and convenient method to renovate bridges and roadways. We have experience with government facility work and airports. Call us for your next industrial or commercial slab sawing project.

Engineered Solutions for Any Situation and the Most Complex Projects on the East Coast

Throughout most of the East coast of the United States, Concrete Technology Services Mid-Atlantic is an industry leader in the concrete demolition industry. With this comes decades of experience that has led our team to take on some of the most complex projects in our region. CTS excels in the following concrete cutting services:

Our service area covers multiple states. We are headquartered in Glenn Dale, Maryland. This office provides concrete cutting and coring in Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. Our branch office in Raleigh, North Carolina provides concrete cutting, coring and structural demolition throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Northern Florida and Southern Virginia.

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