Concrete Cutting in Virginia: Commercial, Industrial & Government Sectors

Whether it’s providing concrete demolition to existing bridges or repairing removing concrete facades, CTS Mid-Atlantic, Inc, headquartered in Glenn Dale, Maryland, service the commercial construction industry with concrete cutting specialties. Virginia is a particularly good example when it comes to concrete cuts, with a number of concrete cutting projects being carried out there. Commercial facilities in Virginia have received a lot of attention from concrete cutting services to improve civil roadways, government buildings, and more.

The Methods and Crew: Saw Cutting and More

Cutting concrete is the method used to create a cut in concrete, with a diamond blade, in order to remove the concrete from the area. There are different types of concrete cutting techniques – core drilling, wall sawing, floor sawing and structural robotic demolition are a few methods. It is important to have a basic understanding of concrete cutting to know if the work is being done properly. One of the most important things for any concrete cutting company to use modernized techniques is to engage the best core cutters and cutting companies in Virginia for each project.

If you are cutting concrete in older buildings to renovate or to replace bridges with new concrete, Concrete Technology Services Mid-Atlantic is a long-established company that provides concrete demolition to federal buildings, universities, waste-water treatment plants, roadways, and more in Virginia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic states. Our company is active in a range of concrete cutting services for commercial and industrial projects. Our crew is a great choice for your next project if you need a timed removal of a concrete building façade or you are looking for a concrete demolition contractor who has over three decades of experience with an unwavering commitment to safety. All of our concrete cutting in Virginia services are also available at a variety of locations throughout the state of Virginia and the mid-Atlantic. Our jobs have a focus on industrial, commercial and government sectors in Virginia.

Equally important, our team makes the concrete cutting process as simple and cost-effective as possible. We develop a special engineered plan for each individual project that can execute exactly these and other services, especially if you have several projects.

Virginia Cities and Specialties

Our team specializes in the demolition and rehabilitation of older concrete access roads and buildings commercial construction projects. All modern strategies and tools for concrete dismantling are used by our concrete cutting company. We perform concrete cutting in Arlington, Norfolk, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Alexandria, Roanoke, Reston, Leesburg, Manassas, Herndon, Chantilly, Tysons, and other major cities in Virginia.

Specializing in Concrete Cutting and Structural Demolition, our services include:

Our team understands that every job is different; and employs innovative thinking, advanced technology, and teamwork to tackle the many unplanned challenges that may arise on a project.  CTS performs projects of all sizes for government and private sector clients including federal buildings, universities, pharmaceutical laboratories, waste-water treatment plants, airports, roadways, and everywhere in between.

CTS also has an unwavering commitment to safety. Our culture revolves around proper safety practices which minimizes risk and boosts productivity. We maintain an EMR safety rating well below the industry average by prioritizing safety through training, mandatory safety meetings, and regular site inspections.

Our values have propelled us to a level only dreamed of three decades ago; and look forward to helping you make your next project a success.


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