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Concrete Demolition Contractor Maryland

Robotic | Structure Demolition

Structural demolition is the removal of whole buildings or specific structural elements including walls, floors or roof systems. We specialize in demolition of complex structural systems including highways, parking decks, bridges and foundations. We maintain a modern fleet of BROKK remote controlled machines and attachments that allow us to handle difficult projects with safety and precision.

Concrete Cutting Contractor Maryland

Flat Concrete Slab Sawing

Flat sawing, also known as slab sawing, refers to cutting horizontal concrete surfaces such as roofs, floors, highways and bridge decks. Typical applications include trenching for electrical and plumbing installation; creating openings for stairways, elevators and ductwork; cutting expansion and control joints or removal of sections of pavement/concrete.

Concrete Cutting Contractor Maryland

Track | Wall Sawing

Wall sawing, also known as track sawing, refers to cutting vertical concrete surfaces. Common examples where it is necessary to utilize a track saw would be on walls, pits or areas that cannot be accessed easily by other conventional flat-cutting equipment. Track saws are often used for precision cuts to create door, vent and window openings.

Wire Sawing Concrete Cutting Maryland Washington DC North Carolina

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is a versatile method used to accomplish vertical, horizontal or angled cuts of complex structures that are too large or awkward for other cutting methods or in areas with limited access. The wire saw is perfect for cutting any shape or thickness and is often applied to complex situations such as bridge pier modifications, industrial plant upgrades, generator replacements, and lock/dam retrofits.

Engineering | Shoring

During a structural renovation project it is typical for some components to be left in place while others are removed. This often requires temporary (occasionally permanent) shoring to be engineered and installed by the demolition contractor or specialized subcontractor. We have capability to design and install the most efficient shoring system based on job site requirements and constructibility. Our relationships with professional and certified engineers makes this a painless and cost saving process for our clients. Call or email us regarding your shoring needs so we can design and install the system you need.

Concrete cutting contractor Maryland

Core Drilling

Core drilling is a fast, safe method for producing consistent diameter holes in concrete, stone, asphalt and masonry without causing impact or vibration damage to the surrounding structure. Common applications include creating openings for plumbing, electrical and HVAC installations. We can also easily create holes for slab and roadway doweling, drilling, rebar tie-ins and drainage systems.

Repairs & Joint/Crack Sealing

Concrete pavement repairs can range from partial depth spall repairs to slab replacement. Repair and sealing capabilities can be used for many structures, including highways, airports, parking lots, and bridges. Contact our partners at Pavement Contracting Services, Inc for concrete pavement rehabilitation (CPR), patching and repairs.

Structural Imaging (X-Ray & GPR)

Structural imaging provides real-time visions of pipes, conduits, utility lines, voids, rebar and other hazards within concrete that aren't otherwise visible. Methods include X-ray, ground-penetrating radar, and CCTV. Our affiliates at Concrete Imaging, Inc. provide quality structural imaging and radiography services throughout the Mid-Atlantic and surrounding areas.
They specialize in: Digital radiography (x-ray), high definition ground penetrating radar (GPR), utility locating and high definition CCTV pipeline inspection.