Concrete Demolition Throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, North | South Carolina and Georgia

Concrete cutting is required in most renovation projects and in some new construction. The size and complexity of concrete cutting scope can range from flat sawing to removing a small amount of slab on grade to provide trenching for changes in electrical or plumbing systems; all the way to entire structural components of a building that need to be precision cut with a wire saw or track saw and carefully removed to make way for new structural and/or architectural design features. Our team can also facilitate in ground penetrating radar and X-ray services. Our sister company, Concrete Imaging, Inc is an expert in the field.

We have the equipment and experienced personnel to execute any level of concrete cutting project in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. We will mobilize to cut a few feet of trenching or several floors of reinforced concrete deck and beam sections. All of our work is guaranteed to be performed to the highest standard of quality and  professionalism in the industry. Have a small project with a tight timeline or a multi million dollar contract to plan? Give us a call and we will be happy to help clear the way.

We take pride in being a top choice for concrete cutting in Maryland, structural demolition in Washington DC, wire sawing in Virginia, or core drilling in North Carolina. We provide all of all services with top-notch customer service throughout the East coast.

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