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Improving The Cutting-Edge of Concrete Cutting

  • Post published:October 28, 2021

Getting Better And Better Frequent innovation is necessary in the Construction and demolition are industries. There is always a demand to provide better environmentally and economically sound solutions for the never-ending development in cities across the United States and the world. Advancements in concrete cutting allow for more effective demolition methods and the reuse, repurposing, or restoration of existing concrete buildings, bridges, and other structures. The Need For Improved Demolition Methods According to the Environmental Protection Agency, construction and demolition waste exceed 600 million tons each year, more than double the waste produced municipally. Concrete makes up a sizable portion of this waste, and inventive new recycling and reusing methods are needed to reduce waste…

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Alternative Demolition Methods

  • Post published:April 18, 2021

Alternative Demolition Methods When you need to think outside the box to execute your next commercial or infrastructure project on the East coast, hire a contractor that specializes in alternative demolition methods. Ingenuity in improving demolition practices is becoming more important because the demand for safer, and cleaner construction is increasing. It may not be feasible at all in sensitive buildings such as government, schools, pharmaceutical or other highly controlled construction sites. Old-school demolition practices relying on large crews of manual labor and/or loud, heavy, carbon monoxide emitting machinery are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Safety and environmental consciousness are topics top of mind for everyone on modern construction projects. Concrete Technology Services…

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Concrete Cutting in Virginia: Commercial, Industrial & Government Sectors

  • Post published:August 27, 2020

Whether it's providing concrete demolition to existing bridges or repairing removing concrete facades, CTS Mid-Atlantic, Inc, headquartered in Glenn Dale, Maryland, service the commercial construction industry with concrete cutting specialties. Virginia is a particularly good example when it comes to concrete cuts, with a number of concrete cutting projects being carried out there. Commercial facilities in Virginia have received a lot of attention from concrete cutting services to improve civil roadways, government buildings, and more. The Methods and Crew: Saw Cutting and More Cutting concrete is the method used to create a cut in concrete, with a diamond blade, in order to remove the concrete from the area. There are different types of concrete cutting…

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