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Benefits Of Concrete Cutting

Are you tasked with planning a new project or reconstructing a historic building? Regardless of your project, consider hiring a team that does concrete cutting. Many people favor it because it is a more efficient and practical solution than traditional structure demolition.

What Is Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is a process that removes or changes existing structures. Concrete is thicker than many other construction materials and requires its own approach for cutting. 

If you need home improvements or repairs, but there is existing concrete in the way, a team of professionals can cut through the material to remove it. This is not something you can take on as a DIY project. Without experience and the proper equipment, you could easily make an irreversible mistake. 

There are three types of concrete cutting: 

Each type of procedure is done under specific conditions, but they all are effective ways to quickly remove old concrete. 

Concrete cutting provides a variety of benefits compared to traditional concrete demolition. We explain the advantages of choosing concrete cutting for your next renovation below.

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Less Noise, More Friendly For The Environment

Compared to traditional methods, concrete cutting produces less noise. It’s less likely to disrupt your daily routine with distracting sounds. 

Concrete cutting is also more environmentally friendly than traditional demolition, which creates dust and pollutes the air. Many specialists utilize a dust-free approach known as the wet method. Furthermore, cleanup is minimal with modern cement cutting systems, which can remove large pieces of material.

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Structural Integrity Remains Intact

Older concrete removal methods produce extensive vibrations that rattle the structure and lead to fractures. Microscopic fractures in the concrete can create dangerous situations in the future. Modern concrete removal methods use cutting saws that cause little to no vibration, keeping the structure strong. 

Of course, before any large project, an infrastructure contractor must be consulted to ensure the building can withstand the forces of concrete cutting. To create a safe environment, engineered shoring designs will provide additional support to structures while cutting is underway.

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Conquering Unique Circumstances

Concrete can be anywhere. Sometimes the material that needs cutting is in a tight space or even underwater. Traditional concrete removal methods aren’t as flexible as modern techniques. Under most circumstances, you can use advanced cutting tools to remove concrete in less time and with less labor than traditional demolition can achieve.

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Less Heat Buildup

The continuous stream of water used in wet cutting does more than just prevent swirling dust particles. It also helps control the temperature of the cutting blade. The friction generated by the moving blades in dry cutting methods can create serious problems, even causing the blades to break under extreme heat. 

An unexpected piece of flying blade puts the saw operators and other bystanders at risk for injury. Dry cutting blades need to be replaced regularly, increasing the cost and time of projects. 

Continuous water flowing over the cutting tools will keep the saw from creating too much heat during use, reducing the hazardous problems.

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Less Finishing

Concrete ebreaking leaves rough edges. If the job requires a smooth finish, workers must go back and manually finish the job using chisels and hammers. Sometimes this process takes just as long as the breaking! 

The use of wet cutting generates straight and smooth cuts in the first pass. As a result, the job can be completed skillfully and without excessive work in the final stages of the project. 

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