Alternative Demolition Methods

concrete cutting alternative methods

Alternative Demolition Methods

When you need to think outside the box to execute your next commercial or infrastructure project on the East coast, hire a contractor that specializes in alternative demolition methods. Ingenuity in improving demolition practices is becoming more important because the demand for safer, and cleaner construction is increasing. It may not be feasible at all in sensitive buildings such as government, schools, pharmaceutical or other highly controlled construction sites.

Old-school demolition practices relying on large crews of manual labor and/or loud, heavy, carbon monoxide emitting machinery are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Safety and environmental consciousness are topics top of mind for everyone on modern construction projects. Concrete Technology Services Mid-Atlantic Inc. was founded to complete difficult jobs in a calculated way, but we also do even the simplest jobs to a higher standard. CTS has been at the cutting edge of concrete demolition projects for decades in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

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Concrete Demolition with Brokk Virginia

Brokk Robotic Demolition Equipment

We have been utilizing robotic demolition machines from Brokk USA for over 30 years. Their technology just keeps getting better. safety, productivity, and flexibility are 3 major advantages of incorporating Brokk equipment into your demolition plan. A Brokk unit is an excellent option when you need a compact machine to take out a stair tower, roof deck, wall section, vault or other demanding scope of work.

  1. Let’s talk about safety first. It’s obvious that using machinery when appropriate is a huge safety and productivity win over manual labor. Brokk equipment is even safer than machines that rely on an operator to work the controls from a seated on the unit. Brokk machines are operated remotely from up to 900 ft (300m) which means that they can be utilized in hazardous conditions where it would not be safe for an operator. Remote controlled machines are perfect for confined spaces, tunnels, bridges, or in areas accessible only by crane or boom. They can even be used in contaminated or toxic environments.
  1. Efficiency and power. Our robotic demolition equipment from Brokk operates on a 480-volt electric motor to a state-of-the-art controlled hydraulics system. That means less noise, no exhaust fumes and a power to weight ratio that dwarfs much larger machines. Our Brokk demolition machines are as powerful as excavators approximately 5 times heavier. A compact 5- ton Brokk machine has the same breaking force as a 25-ton excavator. This power to weight ratio makes robotic demolition machines the most productive solution to many projects.
  1. Our robotic demolition machines are more versatile. Not only do we have a machine solution for any situation or size, but we also have an attachment for every job. We are able to break, scarify or even cut concrete with our remotely operated machines. Metal processing or structure demolition has never been easier or safer with the use of our powerful steel cutting shears, grapples and multi-processing units. CTS has robotic demolition machines that can fit through single man doors, climb stairs and outperform human labor by 500-600%. The largest Brokk machine weighs 12.5 tons and has a reach of almost 30 ft or 10m.
Concrete robotic demolition in Washington DC

Hiring  Concrete Technology Services Mid-Atlantic to perform any difficult demolition project is a no-brainer after you’ve seen a Brokk machine on a jobsite.

Wire Sawing in Maryland

Specialty Concrete Cutting

CTS stands apart from the competition in alternative demolition methods with extensive concrete saw-cutting experience. Simple slab trenching or road sawing comes to mind when we think of concrete cutting but there is a wide array of challenges that can be solved with carefully planned concrete cutting. Selectively cutting and removing sections of concrete structure or façade might be the best solutions for your job. We have engineered solutions for the most difficult demolition projects in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

Bridge beam sections removed after wire saw cuts by CTS

Sawcutting and carefully removing concrete elements is the only option in some scenarios. Commonly used for high-rise precast façade removal or creating a doorway in a solid poured reinforced wall. Concrete sawing can be used in many situations you may not have thought of! 

  1.  Large scale concrete slab removal is far more efficient when sawcut into manageable sections first. No matter the situation, pre-cutting your slab with high powered concrete flat saws is a huge productivity booster. Breaking concrete slab is tedious and messy while creating an enormous amount of noise pollution. If it’s possible to use machines such as an excavator, Brokk or even skid steer to remove the cut sections of concrete to your load out area you will be ahead of schedule. Alternative lifting and removal apparatus like a spider crane or gantry can be applied where other equipment may not have access.
  1. Difficult selective structural demolition projects can be made easier with a well executed wire sawing plan. Our estimators, project managers and crews have extensive knowledge of what’s possible and what equipment is needed in any situation. Columns, beams, and girders in even the most inaccessible areas can be cut and removed safely using a wire saw.
  2. Entire floors of high rise buildings can be efficiently removed using simple engineered shoring and saw cutting. Lift plans utilizing cranes that are already on most large scale construction projects on the east coast saves the entire project team time and money. This method coupled with remote controlled Brokk demolition machines to dismantle more complicated structures like elevator shafts, penthouses and stair towers creates a safe and productive demolition plan.
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Engineering the safest and most cost effective demolition method for any scenario is part of the service you receive when hiring Concrete Technology Services Mid-Atlantic Inc.

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